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It was first discovered by professionals: institutional kitchens, restaurants, and chefs – all fell in love with stainless steel – a shiny metal that's easy to clean in sinks, that doesn't wear out, doesn't stain and doesn't rust, and is particularly convenient for those who observe Jewish dietary laws.

The private market followed suit and discovered the magic of stainless steel -and so began the stainless steel age.


As one of the stainless steel industry's leading companies for the past 15 years, Shimon Peretz Nirosta attends to the kitchens of Israel's top clubs and restaurants, namely, Griffin, Lansky, Mental, Darling, Douglas, Meat-Bar and the list goes on….

Peretz Nirosta offers Shimon Peretz's professionalism, knowledge, experience and contacts for home kitchens, hotels, office buildings, and for any location that requires top quality and uncompromising reliability.

A Few Facts about Stainless Steel

♦ Stainless Steel is called Nirosta in Hebrew

♦ In Hebrew it's also called Plada Al-Heled (Non rusty steel)

♦ Despite its Italian lilt, the word NIROSTA is an acronym for NIchROstenden STAhl: stainless steel in German. The commercial name was registered in 1922.

♦ The properties of stainless steel derive from its high chrome content (over 11.5%).

♦ Upon contact with air, the chrome in stainless steel sinks creates a thin and impermeable layer of oxide, which in turn protects the metal. When the metal is scratched, this layer immediately joins together again, and the stainless steel becomes rust proof. It is the invisible oxide layer that makes the metal shine.

♦ There are about 150 different types of stainless steel that are used for all purposes, from razor blades and watches to airplanes and skyscrapers, in stainless steel sinks, and mainly in places that require cleanliness and durability – such as the kitchen.


Peretz Nirosta offers a wide selection of advanced design, high-quality stainless steel sinks at a competitive price as well as an innovative line of related smart products made to perfection, simplifying kitchen duties performed at the sink, and making them a more pleasant and much more professional experience.

For Contact:

Adress: Har-Zion 10 Avn. Tel-Aviv
Mobile: 054-7767769
TEL: 03-6596399
Fax: 077-5096399
Email: spnirosta@bezeqint.net

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